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paloo offers a service for those who are looking for a favourable loan and are overwhelmed by the offers.

small loans can help you deal with temporary or unexpected circumstances and avoid expensive overdraft fees. you can use large instalment loans to finance a purchase or a wish in a relaxed and secure manner. how does a loan comparison work?

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define key data

define your financing plan, the loan amount and the term that suits you. find out more about this on our website and browse through the individual categories.

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compare loans

compare loans and find the right offers. pay particular attention to the interest rate in the representative example to find the cheapest offer.

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submit loan application

click on the offer button in order so send off your loan application. paloo tip: make several non-binding inquiries for better interest rates.

what do i have to pay particular attention to when comparing loans?

the effective annual interest rate is best for comparing loans. focus on this interest rate, because it indicates the total credit costs per year including all ancillary costs. the lower the effective annual interest rate, the cheaper the loan usually is. banks are legally obliged to show the effective interest rate for every loan offer.

a representative example must also be given in a clearly visible manner. the effective interest rate is also interesting for you here, as it gives you an impression of the interest rate borrowers have received for a loan.

which conditions do i have to fulfil?

one thing in advance: you don't always have to have a perfect credit score to be able to apply for a small loan. for larger loans, a good credit score can be a requirement. It also leads to low interest rates. the criteria usually consists of the following:

  • legal age
  • main residence within the country
  • bank account within the country
  • regular income
  • mostly positive payment behaviour

what happens after the loan comparison?

once you have decided on an offer, you will be forwarded to the provider's website. here you enter the required data for your desired loan. you submit the required documents together with the loan application to the lending bank. finally, all you have to do is confirm your identity. video authentication is usually particularly quick and easy.

how quickly will the loan be paid out to me?

send the lender all the necessary documents immediately so that they can be processed and checked as quickly as possible. ideally, the loan will be paid out within two to four working days. smaller loan amounts are usually approved even faster.

NOTICE ADVERTISEMENT: paloo is not a bank or a credit provider, but an independent comparison portal. paloo helps consumers save time and money. all products and services are presented without guarantee. paloo is therefore not responsible if information about loans is incorrect. in the comparison, loans are offered by lenders for which we may receive a commission, so we can provide content on our website free of charge. thank you for your support.

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